Titanium Grade 2  

Titanium Grade 2 is a pure titanium undergoes an allotropic transformation from the hexagonal close-packed alpha phase to the body-centered cubic beta phase at a temperature of 882.5°C(1620.5°F)

CP Titanium Grade 2 is commercially pure, or CP, titanium is unalloyed. At service temperature it consists of 100% hcp alpha phase. As a single-phase material, its properties are controlled by chemistry (iron and interstitial impurity elements) and grain size. CP Titanium is classified into Grades 1 through 4 depending on the yield strength and allowable levels of the elements iron, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. CP Ti Grade 2 has a minimum yield strength of 275 Mpa (40 ksi) and relatively low levels of impurity elements, which places it between Grades 1 and 3 in terms of strength.

CP Titanium Grade 2 is widely used because it combines excellent formability and moderate strength with superior corrosion resistance. This combination of properties makes CP grade 2 titanium a candidate for a large variety of chemical and marine as well as aerospace and medical applications.

Allvac 40
CP Grade 2
RMI 40
Timetal(r) 65A
Commercially Pure Grade 2


AMS 4902 ASTM B381 ASTM B338 DIN 3.7035
AMS 4941 ASTM F467 (Ti-2) ASTM B348 MIL T-9046
AMS 4942 ASTM F468 (2) ASTM B348 (2) MIL T-9047
UNS R50400
ASTM B265 ASTM F67 ASTM B337 ASTM F67 (2)


Carbon 0.1 max
Hydrogen 0.015 max
Iron   0.3 max
Nitrogen     0.03 max
Oxygen 0.25 max
Titanium Balance


  • Principal Design Features
    This is the most commonly used and widely available grade of unalloyed titanium. The grade combines excellent corrosion resistance and weldability with good strength, ductility and formability. Beta Transus (F +/- 25) 1675.
  • Other Physical Props
    Beta Transus (F +/- 25) 1675

  • Mechanical Data

    Form          Sheet
    Condition Test Specimen Annealed
    Temper 70
    Tensile Strength 50
    Form        Sheet
    Condition   Test Specimen Annealed
    Temper 600
    Tensile Strength 30
    Yield Strength 18
    Elongation 37
    Reduction of Area 75
    Form        Sheet
    Condition Test Specimen Annealed
    Temper 800
    Tensile Strength 26
    Yield Strength 15
    Elongation 25
    Reduction of Area 75
    Form Sheet
    Condition Test Specimen Annealed
    Temper 1000
    Tensile Strength 19
    Yield Strength 11
    Elongation 32
    Reduction of Area 75

  • Forms & shapes
    Wire, Sheet, Plate, Strip, Round Bars, Hexagonal, Flats, Square, Angle, Channel, Blanks, Tubes, Billets, Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Forging Rings, Special Shape Forgings, Fasteners Etc.

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