Titanium Grade 2
Titanium Grade 2 is a pure titanium undergoes an allotropic transformation from the hexagonal close-packed alpha phase to the body-centered cubic beta phase at a temperature of 882.5°C(1620.5°F)
Titanium Grade 5
Titanium Grade 5 classed as an alpha-beta alloy, is the most widely used of the high strength titanium alloys. The alloy combines it good mechanical strength and low density (4.42 kg/dm3) with excellent corrosion resistance in many media.

Titanium Grade 9
Titanium Grade 9 is also known as Ti Grade 9. Its strength falls between Grade 4 and Grade 5 titanium.It has good corrosion resistance and is used in aerospace and industrial applications.
Since the introduction of titanium alloys in the early 1950s, these materials have in a relatively short time backbone materials for the aerospace, energy, and chemical industries.
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