Inconel 625  

Inconel 625 alloys is a nickel chromium-molybdenum alloy with excellent strength from room temperature up to about 1500°F (816°C). At higher temperatures, its strength is generally lower than that of other solid-solution strengthened alloys. Alloy 625 has good oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 1800°F (980°C) and provides good resistance to aqueous corrosion, but generally not as effectively as modern HASTELLOY® corrosion resistant alloys.

Nicrofer 6020 hMo(tm)
Udimet 625(tm)
Nickelvac 625(tm)
HAYNES(r) 625 alloy
Chronin 625(tm)
Altemp 625(tm)
Pyromet Alloy 625(tm)
Custom Age 625 +(tm)
HAYNES(r) 625 alloy(tm)
Nicrofer 6020(tm)
Pyromet 625(tm)


AMS 5581 ASTM B446
AMS 5599 ASTM B704
AMS 5666 ASTM B705
AMS 5837 DIN 2.4856
AMS 5879 GE B50TF133
ASTM B366 MIL E-21562 (RN625)
ASTM B443 UNS N06625
ASTM B444  


Aluminum 0.4 max
Carbon 0.1 max
Chromium 20 - 23
Cobalt 1 max
Iron 5 max
Manganese 0.5 max
Molybdenum 8 - 10
Nickel Balance
Niobium 3.15 - 4.15
Phosphorus 0.015 max
Silicon 0.5 max
Sulphur 0.015 max
Titanium 0.4 max

  • Principal Design Features
    This nickel-chromium-molybdenum wrought alloy is an excellent general purpose material for elevated temperature use in high strength, oxidation problem applications. It also has excellent corrosion resistance to many acids and resists intergranular attack and stress-corrosion cracking.

  • Applications
    The alloy finds use in high temperature applications such as heat exchangers and gas turbine components. Because of its good corrosion resistance it is also used in wet scrubbers and some acid process equipment.

  • Forms & shapes
    Wire, Sheet, Plate, Strip, Round Bars, Hexagonal, Flats, Square, Angle, Channel, Blanks, Tubes, Billets, Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Forging Rings, Special Shape Forgings, Fasteners Etc.

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