Aluminum Alloy is an versatile engineering materials. It is used in industries such as Aerospace, electrical, packing, transport, building and architecture, gas cylinders, machined components, ladders, sporting goods, road burners, furniture and lithographic plates. The main properties, which make aluminum and its alloy a valuable material are its low density, strength weight/ strength ratio, recyclable, corrosion résistance, durability, ductility, formability, weld ability & conductivity, As aluminum alloys developed over decades, simultaneously the fabrication processes were also perfected through research & development & various aluminum alloys were made available in the forms of plates, sheets, foils, extrusions, forgings & casting.

1050 1055A 1100 1145
1350 1618 2011 2017
2218 3003 3005 4026
5052 5083 5086 5154
6033 6040 6061 6063
6082 6262 7050 7086
7478 8030 8176  

T3 T31 T3511 T4
T451 T465 T6 T651
T73 T73511 T74 T74511
T76 T76511 T8 T81
T851 T8511 T9  

Forms & Shapes:

Wire, sheet, plate, strip, round bars, hexagonal, flats, square, angle, channel, blanks, tubes, billets, pipes, pipe fittings, forging rings, special shape forgings, fasteners etc.

Specifications As Per: AMS 4029, AMS 4035, AMS 4037 AMS 4044, AMS 4050, INDIAN STANDARDS (IS), BRITISH STANDARDS (BS), GOST (RUSSIAN) ETC.

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